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What critics are saying about Moonfall


Midwest Book Review


     "Recommended for adult and young adult readers alike. There's a journey, there's danger, there's sibling interactions from rivalry to love, and there're political and spiritual threads throughout to keep readers riveted on characters and confrontations ...

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Meet the Characters:




Vanessa Morton - Author of Moonfall - Tales from the Levant



     Morton focuses on a 'you are there' approach to describing the twins' journeys and experiences: thus readers will also find themselves immersed in the sights, sounds, and experiences that make up Moonfall's world...

     It's a pleasure to see quasi-history reinforced with a believable scenario (naughty teens stealing something forbidden, caught, and paying for their transgressions); and it's also satisfying to see 'Moonfall' evolve into a much wider story than that of simple teen rebellion."

~ D. Donovan, e-book reviewer for Midwest Book Review

Keele University


"It was wonderful to have moody 

characters that felt real 

and didnít ask to be fallen in love with!"


     "Moonfall by Vanessa Morton is written as an embroidered historical Biblical fiction, yet it reads as a fantasy and delves into the lives of previously unexplored individuals. A thoroughly enjoyable story that proves itself to be both authentic and engrossing Ė action packed as it was, by the end I was left wanting more."  

~ Jennifer Sadler-Venis via Concourse Online


  "imagination intertwines with fact and tells a story

 that is not soon forgotten"


"Vanessa Morton has infused Biblical history with fiction to produce a novel that brings to life the history surrounding Israel's entrance into the land of promise. Peering inside both the camp of Israel and Jericho, the clash of societies meet, and God's promise is fulfilled. The author's imagination intertwines with fact and tells a story that is not soon forgotten." 

~ FayLamb, author of Stalking Willow, Better than Revenge, and Charisse

"Rachav ... represents women of courage and selflessness ...

with beautiful language and poignant storytelling"

   Through the lovely young Rachav's eyes, Vanessa Morton gives a stunning, accurately detailed portrayal of the life and times surrounding a real Biblical event in 1406 B.C.

   The fictional Rachav comes to life and represents women of courage and selflessness--from anywhere and any point in history--who accept and endure difficult challenges presented to them.

   With beautiful language and poignant storytelling, Morton inspires today's young women to be strong in faith and love. Congratulations to this debut author on a satisfying and memorable read! 

~ Cynthia T. Toney, author of Bird Face